ATTIMO, blown glass in an instant

Product Description


Blown by master craftsmen, the molten glass bole expands by moulding itself inside the metal cage without being touched by the rods, for an evocative visual result that tickles the senses and the mind.
This lamp is a photographic sculpture, a snapshot of the unstable balance of blown glass, a second before breaking. It evokes its creation, its nature.
The concave and convex parts of the glass lamp filter and project liquid light into the room, which speaks of this crystallised, peremptory dynamism.

Available in indoor and outdoor versions.


Attimo Gallery

Domenico Rinaldi

Creative Director and Designer for Fisionarte, Domenico was born in Altamura in Apulia, in southern Italy. His design approach and sensibility to interacting with the material that comes mainly from the experience transmitted by his father and master craftsman. His multidiscipline mastery learning of knowledges allows him to reach unique solutions able to overcome conventional schemes: “A creation can challenge time if it keeps the emotion of its author, this ingredient does not deteriorate, does not need maintenance or updates … “


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