The proposed collections treasures emotion and passion to ensure its longevity











“Each material has its own vocation, everyone promises to make a contribution, but which of them can do it without betraying the primordial idea?”

To design, develop and produce tailor-made

“Weaving is memory”


Fisionarte products are manufactured by their creators and by master craftsmen who weave fabrics and metals, create blown glass and experiment with combinations of various materials or suggest new ones. Experience, know-how and passion are linked to the desire to innovate, the willingness to question definitions and ways of working when the need arises, challenging the conventional classifications imposed by the industrial world in order to produce timeless artefacts suitable for any location.
In doing this, memory and an understanding of history are important if the act of looking back to the past serves as a projection into the future.


The main objective goal of the Fisionarte team strives to conceive, develop and produce lighting that showcases the dexterity and expertise of carefully selected Italian designers and master craftsmen.
Emotion and passion are enshrined in the collection and ensure its longevity. In order to achieve this, the design process for each piece is liberated from mental constraints and from any limitations dictated by habits or stereotypes.


Using a custom made method of production, the Fisionarte team provides original and innovative solutions for all kinds of requests coming from the world of both art and architecture.
The company works in synergy with its customers and its designers, responding promptly to requests and directly involving them both in the creative process in order to better understand their needs and come up with new and original ideas.
These ideas are then tested using prototypes or by simulating implementation scenarios

Made with emotion

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TALES BY LIGHT, Domenico Rinaldi

“… When I entered, I remained motionless for a few moments with my eyes wide open even though I had the strangest sensation of having already closed them. At first, in the semi-darkness, I could only make out the outlines of recognisable objects, almost as if the sunlight, filtering through the roof, meant to gradually allow me to see only partial images in black and white. I moved slowly towards a ray of light and, following the profile with my hands, I managed to make out a window. I unhooked the bolt and opened the dark wooden doors. A beam of light entered and was reflected on the dusty floor, spreading through the internal space that suddenly revealed itself to my eyes, as if by magic, in its entirety. Without waiting for my heartbeat to slow down, I slowly began exploring the ancient dwelling and the works it contained, room by room, letting myself be carried away by the beauty of the frescoes and the charm of the objects in each room treasured…


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